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SimplifyFax Tollfree Package gives a Vanity Number and Unlimited inbound and Outbound Fax.
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SimplifyFax Unlimited Local Package Delivers! It gives you a selectable local number and unlimited outbound and inbound faxes.
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   SimplifyFax 30-day Free Trial!
  30 Days FREE
30 Pages FREE
Unlimited Inbound Fax
5 Cents Per Page Outbound after 30 Pages
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Welcome to the Simplifyfax 30-day free trial!

The 30-day free trial is available for subscribers who wish to try out our local fax service. In 30 days, you can enjoy unlimited inbound fax for free! You can send up to 30 pages without charge, and pay a very low rate of 5 Cents Per Page Outbound after consuming the free 30 pages! This trial will let you navigate, explore and experience first hand what high quality service in online faxing is all about! After 30 days, we guarantee you more features and other extra services to go with your Simplifyfax. Go on and activate your 30-day free trial now!




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